LO AND BEHOLD is a non-profit artist-run organization which, in addition to sponsorships and donations, relies upon a network of members - supporters who contribute an annual fee of 50 euro.

Anyone with an interest in contemporary art, who wishes to support this collective effort, to be informed of our activities and in active dialogue with us can become a member.

In addition to knowing that they are supporting contemporary art production, members are also in a position to submit project proposals. LO AND BEHOLD can help with the realization of these projects to the extent of its capacity.

In recognition of their support, LO AND BEHOLD members will receive a numbered and signed work of art produced in multiple by one of our associated artists.

Your registration will be processed through deposit to our Piraeus Bank account:
(please provide us with your email or telephone number so that we can get in contact with you)
ACCOUNT NO: 5051- 041834 -783

IBAN: GR96 0172 0510 0050 5104 1834 783

or through PayPal:

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